8 Very Amazing Nail Art Designs For Beginners

Let’s admit it, the more we see people post their manicure creation on social media, the more we feel small compared to the amazing manicurist out there. There are lots of nail art designs that quite complex and intricate. But, as a beginner, nail art is actually challenging. If you’re still confused about the design you want to achieve, why don’t you see this 8 very amazing designs of nail art for beginners?

1. Simple Polka Dots Nail Art


As a beginner, nail art shouldn’t be start with complexity. It will be too hard and maybe you will lose your motivation in the middle of developing your nail art skill. So, why don’t you just elevate your basic manicure with some patterns? Such as this polka dots in various sizes.

2. Add Simple Painting on Your Nail Art


A simple nail art won’t hurt. But, with a little bit more time and tenacity, you can boost your beginner nail art with some paintings. Of course, the paintings need to be drawn carefully, or else it won’t look as cool as the examples on the internet. Furthermore, you should consider the shape and your skill as well. As you can see and experience by yourself, intricate shapes mean more skill is needed before you can achieve the desirable shapes.

3. Two Color Nail Art and Stamp


Do you feel that your beginner nail art is lacking variations? Then, maybe you should try to mix colors and… use stamp! This is one of the simplest way for you to ensure that a least your manicure will stand out and looks good as well. If you aren’t confident with your nail art brush skill, you should consider using stamp for more convenient use, super easy!

4. A Small Decoration for Unique Nail Art


Sometimes, a good looking beginner nail art doesn’t have to be big and complex. Since, usually beginner doesn’t have that much nail art tools and polish in their inventory. So, you can easily make a cute nail art, with limited resources! If you don’t want it to be attention-seeking manicure, just add small decoration, such as heart or the other simple shape, and your nail design will look different drastically.

5. Simply Achievable Gradient Nail Art


Gradient nails are awesome, because they’re simple and actually easy-to-do, unlike the usual manicure with small painting and decoration. Even for beginner, nail art like this is highly achievable! All you need is only a sponge, then swept your brush on it, then stamp that sponge on your finger. After that, your desirable gradient nails is ready to go after some cleaning with toner!

6. Play With Color and Dots for Your Nail Art


For you who like a bold nails, a beginner nail art skill seems unlikely to be able to do that. But, worry not, just using your basic polish, topped with few stripes and dots, you can also have that popping nail art! Although, you have to make sure that you got plenty of time before doing this kind of manicure. Since, you need to wait it to dry one by one, before starting to do another color.

7. Draw Cute Characters for Cute Nail Art


If you’re confident enough with your painting skill, why not trying to elevate your beginner nail art with simple cute character drawings? Not only one, but you can draw as many characters as you like, as long as your nails are still having enough space. With cute characters on your nails, it will surely be the main point of your manicure. What could be more eye catching than a big drawing on your nails?

8. Add A Main Point on Nail Art


When you don’t even have time to spare for your nails and only have beginner nail art skill, you can still beautify your nails by adding a main point. It could be a nail that has different color or just adding something eye-catching. A ribbon won’t hurt, and it will look cute when you use it alongside a soft color polish. Make sure to use matching color, or else it you will get more attention than what you want at first!

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