24 Romantic Valentine’s Day Nail Art Ideas 2020

Valentine’s Day is coming soon! Have you prepared an unusually sweet Valentine’s nail art to enjoy this moment with your significant other? If you haven’t did it, worry not, because it turns out that plenty designs are here to ease your worries! Especially, since the lots of designs are easy for you to do, even when you don’t have time to visit your favorite manicurist.

You can check some of the simple designs mentioned above in this 24 romantic Valentine’s Day nail art ideas 2020! From the simplest to the ‘kind of’ tricky Valentine’s nail art designs, we have it all! After that, all you have to do is spare some times and gather your courage, so you won’t make a noticeable smudge on your nails. May you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day this year!

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Trendy Valentine’s Nail Art with Lovey Dovey Glitter Accent
Nice Small Hearts as Accent for Your Nails
Semi-Transparent Nails With Heart Motifs for Valentine’s Day
Mix of Patterns and Motifs for your Valentine’s Nail Art
Classic Red Coloured Nails for Valentine’s Day
French Manicure for Short Nails, Added with Heart Accent for Valentine’s
Mix of Red and Silver Nails, Topped with Hearts Motifs
Block Pink Nails and Black-White Decoration
This Black and White Polish Are Also Suitable for Your Valentine Nail Art
Using Only Red Shades for Your Valentine’s Nail Art
Fancy Valentine’s Nail Art with Crystal Decoration
Combination of Only Black and Red for Dark Valentine’s Nail Art
Elevated French Manicure Design for Your Valentine’s Day
Glittery Red Nails and Heart Motifs for Sparkly Valentine’s Day
Intricate Neon Pink and Silver Nail Designs
Pink and Black Nail Polish, for Retro Looks
Play with Various Red Polish to Make Funky Nails
Using Pink, White, and Black to Make Perfect Valentine’s Nail Art
Add Sticker on Your Nails for Quick Valentine’s Day Preparation
Sticker for Valentine’s Nail Art on Your French Manicure
Only One Nail with Heart Drawing for Valentine’s Day
Glitter on Nails for Classy Valentine’s Nail Art
Using White Polish for More Contast on Nails
Taking French Manicure Inspiration for Valentine’s Day

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