24 Stunning Prom Hairstyles for Long Hair

Prom night is such a special moment for everyone. Then here, it is no wonder if you want to have your best look in this moment. In this case, beside for the outfit, you should also consider your hairdo. You hair will be important because it is like a crown for you. Here, if you have the long hair style, then it will be so much easier for you to have any hairdo that you want.

Updo Hairstyles

For you who want the glamorous look, then updo hairstyle will be the best choice for you. However, although updo hairstyle has the glam and feminine impression, but you can still make it looks not too glam if you want. For you who want to look pretty but chill, apply the messy style into your updo hairstyle.

Side updo hairstyle with messy look and side bang.
Updo hairstyle with bun that added with braided to set around the head.
Braided updo for prom night with white flower hairpin for the pretty chic look.
Elegant prom updo hairstyle if you love the feminine look.

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If you don’t want to look too feminine, this causal twisted up-style will be match for you.
This updo hairstyle might a little bit complicated but it is worthy with the piece of art that available on your head.
This one is another messy hairstyle with the side small braid that will add much fun to the hairstyle.
This updo hairstyle has the small side braid that spice up to create the messy look. Then, the curly bangs will give you the cute look.

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This one is the simple twisted bun that can give such a fresh impression with its simplicity.
This one is the striking pinned updo with small flower hair pin for the classic and elegant look.
This hairstyle has the draped layers and loose front strands that will add the elegance look. Moreover, apply the hairpin to get the prettier look.

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Half Updo Hairstyles

In case you want to have the cute look but still elegant at your prom night, then half updo hairstyle will match you well. This hairstyle is such a good idea where you can get the glam and the the cuteness at the same time. Moreover, just like the updo hairstyle, you can also add the hairpin or any hair accessories into your hair. Choose the one that can complete your half updo hairstyle well.

This half updo hairstyle has the rose shape that comes from the left and right side braids.
The half updo hairstyle that created by the braid to shape around the back part of the head.
Simple bun here used to create the half updo hair style to get the simple yet cute appearance.
The bang after the half updo style created to add the pretty look for your prom night.
Messy half updo hairstyle for you who choose to be casual.
Single braid applied surround the black part of your hair after the half up do tail created.
This messy half updo hairstyle created by simply tied the left and right side of the hair together.
Big wave braid created for this half updo hairstyle that added with white hair pin in flower form.
This half updo hairstyle added with red flower pins that applied randomly here and there.

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The hair braided in tilted form surround the back side of your head for a simple, fresh, and cute impression.
The half updo hair set by twisting the hair surround the back side of the hair.
This half updo hairstyle created by twisting the hair inside and out then added with the white hairpin.

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At last, whatever the hairstyle that you choose, those two styles can really fulfil your appearance needs at prom. It is because each hairstyle can be created to have the style impression that you want. The difference will be on the dominant impression that each hairdo has. Firstly, for the updo you’ll get the glam as the dominant impression. In otherwise, the half updo has more cute impression.

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