22 Classy and Pretty Pleated Skirt Ideas that You Must Have

Talking about skirt as your fashion needs, the pleated skirt will be the unique choice for you. Although it might looks like the old style, but pleated skirt is still fashionable till now. Even more, it has been designed with some modern touches so that it won’t look out of style at all. Again, with several colors provided, you can choose the one in your favorite color.

Combined with T-Shirt

In this case, t-shirt will be the easiest match that you can have. Although pleated skirt has the classic and formal look, but you can pair it with t-shirt as you want. Not only in fierce or simple t-shirt design, you can even have it in cute design with cartoon pattern on it.

White levi’s t-shirt in normal sleeve combined with dark brown metallic pleated skirt in midi cut.
The gold pleated midi skirt looks really match well with black t-shirt that harmonious with black ankle boots.
White patterned long sleeve t-shirt combined with silver metallic pleated skirt that match well with the same high heels tone.
Pink pleated skirt will looks perfect when combined with red color that applied into the blazer. Then, the white t-shirt can be the compliment of this look.

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Combined with Shirt

As we have talked about it before, pleated skirt can get its best look in formal style. Therefore, we will show you some gorgeous mix and match between the pleated skirt and the shirt. The following references will also show you on how the shirt combined with other clothing.

Leather shirt in orange color match well when combined with red midi pleated skirt and red high heels.
The shirt here applied as the inner where the blue sweatshirt combined with blue pleated skirt which is really harmonious.
Light blue shirt get its best look when paired with dark blue midi pleated skirt and white sneakers.

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Combined with Sweater

Sweater will be the next level of the casual look that you can create. Here, like the t-shirt, you can also combine your pleated skirt with any sweater style. Even more, you can have it in any different colors just based on your pleated skirt color and style. It is important because you can have the harmonious one by mixing it well.

Colorful pleated skirt combined with orange color sweater to get the matching color. Then, the brown high heels used to calm down this look.
Beige sweater paired with red maxi skirt to make this outfit looks stand out. In hence, wear the gold heels to get the glam.
Orange sweater that has the texture combined with dark green pleated skirt which can be a unique color combination.
Dark green textured sweater can be really calm when you combine it with white pleated skirt and black flat sandal.
Blue sweater combined with green midi skirt might looks weird but it is really unique and fashionable.
Simple black sweater paired with dark green pleated midi skirt to add the accent.

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Combined with Blouse

Just like the shirt, blouse can be paired with your pleated skirt to create the formal look. You can wear it to go for work or any business event. Moreover, since blouse has more feminine impression that the shirt, then it’ll be great for you to combine it with heels.

Red long sleeve blouse combined with tosca pleated skirt that allows this look not to have too bright appearance.
Pleated red blouse in oversize cut match well with orange pleated skirt.
Green metallic pleated skirt combined with black blouse and black leather jacket for the cool look.
This one is the simple look with white oversize blouse and beige pleated skirt.

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Combined with Coat

This time, you can wear anything as the inner when talking about coat. You are free to choose whether you will have the t-shirt, shirt, or blouse. In this case, what you need to consider is the style that you are going to build. For example, when you want to create the casual look, you can have t-shirt and shirt as the inner. In otherwise, wear blouse for the feminine look.

Patterned pleated skirt paired with patterned long coat which is really trendy.
Brown wool long coat looks stand out with this light green metallic midi skirt.
Beige oversize long coat match well with the brown midi pleated skirt.
Blue metallic pleated skirt can get the calm look with dark brown long coat.
Such a very harmonious look with grey coat and grey pleated skirt that added with grey melattic shoes.

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From all of the mix and match that we’ve served, you can simply choose the one that fit your needs. In this case, it is amazing how the pleated skirt can be really flexible to be matched with any clothing. Based on those facts, you don’t need be afraid to look out of style wear your pleated skirt from now on!

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