You Must Have: 21 Essential Outfits During Winter

During the winter, basically what you need to do for your outfit is simply wearing the layering clothes. For the kinds of the layering itself, you can choose based on the temperature at the moment. However, from all of the layering coats existed, the coat and jacket are the most loved that owned by women. In this case, the bottom outfits that worn to be paired with the layering clothes are also should be based on the layering worn.

Coat with Trousers or Legging

Here, coat especially for the long coat will be really match for you who likes to wear legging or tight trousers. Besides for the stylish fashion reason, it also functioned to protect the legs. Then, talking about the materials used, you can choose the one in wool, fur, or even the puffer. In this case, puffer might be the most proper to wear when the snow is falling.

Grey long coat paired with matching pink color for the shawl and boots.
Beige wool long coat to be combined with bland tight jeans and black ankle boots.
Black puffer long coat paired with black legging looks harmonious with the white sneakers and white t-shirt .
Black plaid long coat combined with beige trousers which is match with the beige turtleneck top wear.
Brown wool long coat looks trendy combined with black ripped jeans and ankle boots.
Pink long coat seems to be harmonious with the pink sneakers for your cute look.
Thick wool black coat combined with black ankle boots that can be really perfect when combined with black ankle boots.
Brown long coat looks really classy combined with leather trousers and ankle boots.
Grey long coat looks really match with black trousers where the brown ankle boots and hand bag applied as the accessories.
Long coat in wool material looks really warm combined with the tight trousers and sneakers.
Coat with pretty pattern in red as the color combination looks harmonious with the red ankle boots.

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Coat and Jacket with the Shorts

Although in winter the temperature will be really cold, but you can still wear the shorts as well. However, you should consider to some things when wearing the shorts not to make your body freezing. For example, you should wear the long coat or the thick material layering clothes. In addition, by wearing the high boots is also needed. Not only for your feet protection but also for your fashion needs.

Red long coat with plaid pattern combined with over the knee boots to complete the short dress.
Grey plaid oversize coat paired with short skirt with the harmonious over the knee boots color.

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Black coat, legging, and knee boots to warm up the body when wearing the short skirt.
Black leather jacket paired with short skirts then added with black legging and ankle boots.
All black outfit with jacket and short skirt that added with legging for more warm feeling.
Leather vest jacket paired with green wool top then combined with black leather short skirt and over the knee boots.
Green jacket looks really calm combined with short skirt and legging. Then, the ankle boots make everything look perfect.
Grey long coat combined with grey short skirt for the harmonious look. Then, the over the knee boots warm up your body well.
Black long coat combined with yellow skirt for the stand out look during winter. Then, the leather ankle boots will protect your feet from the cold.
Red coat looks really stand out combined with black leather skirt in short look. Then, the black leather over the knee boots gives you the chance to get the warmth.

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As the conclusion, basically for the winter outfits there will be covered from the long bottom wear and the shorts. In wearing both kinds of outfit, what you have to do is just adjusting the layering clothes that can protect your body well. In hence, don’t forget to choose the boots based on your outfit and layering clothes that you wear.

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