23 Hottest Winter Nail Color Ideas in 2019

It is something common that nail art can really effective to add beauty for your look. In this case, you can have an extra look if you can apply the nail art that match with the event. Here, especially if you can bring the season into your nail, it will be such a great thing. This winter, there are some nail art design ideas that you can adapt as follows.

Snowflake Pattern

Although snowflake is a usual design for the nail art, but it is really worthy. It is because snowflake won’t be out of style to be applied during winter. In hence, for more festive look, you can add glitter into the nails after you apply the snowflake. Here the glitter will add the snow falling accent. Then, for the basic nail polish, you can have blue, silver, red, green, and other winter colors.

Snow mountain and snowflake pattern in dark blue nail polish color.
Grenn sparkling nail polish added with glitter then top off with the snowflake.
Golden snowflake pattern applied into the blue nail polish.
The red nail polish combined with soft pink color that given the glitter and snowflake pattern.

image source

Different pattern nail art with the snowflake for the light grey nail polish.
If you love something stand out, red can be the best choice for you. Apply the white snowflake pattern to give more accent for your nail.

image source

Purple nail polish with the silver glittery touch for the nails that added with the snowflake pattern.
Dark grey nail polish color with glitter touch that given the snowflake pattern for winter touch.
Shining pink nail polish color with glitter and snowflake pattern at the top of the nails.

image source

Beige nail polish with snowflake pattern for the middle and ring finger.
The snowflakes applied into the nails that given with the glitter touch.

image source

Glittery Nails

In otherwise, if you think that the snowflake pattern looks too much for you, you can simply apply the glitter. In this case, the glitter will play the role as the snow falling to replace the snowflake role. Here, if you want the simple one, you can apply the glitter in a small part of the nails. Then, if you want the glorious look, just apply the glitter into the whole of the nails.

Red nails that added with glitter from the bottom part of the nails.

image source

The gold glitter nails here look really glorious that paired with the white nail polish not to make it looks too much.
The white glitter here used to be the snow accent in this red nail polish color.
The white glitter attached to the nails in the top part of the nails and the whole nail part for the ring finger nails.
The green glitter in this green nail polish look really harmonious with the perfect combination.
Soft pink nail polish applied in ombre style by combining it with the white nail polish. Then, the glitter applied into all part of the nails.
Blue nail polish looks really match with the silver glitter color.

image source

The green nail polish combined with golden glitter to give the glamorous impression.
The different tones of the blue color applied where one of the fingers applied with the glitter.
The gold glitter applied into the whole part of the ring fingers then paired with the green and soft pink colors for the other fingers.
The glitter used is in blue color that paired with the dark blue nail polish colo fo the other fingers.
This time, the glitter applied in ombre technique which is awesome.

image source

Basically those nail art designs are only the references since you can also created your own design. However, for your consideration, if you want the simple one, you can apply the glitter only, or mixing the snowflake with the nude calm color. In otherwise, combine between the snowflake, glitter, and such a bold nail polish if you love something festive and stand out.

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