21 Beautiful Brown Hairstyles with Highlights that You Must Try

Talking about hairstyle for women will never end indeed. Especially those who concern about their look, the hairstyles become the thing they pay attention to. Also, it is no matter what your hair type, you can change your hairstyle to express your character. Brown hairstyle is one of the styles you can have to make your look more trendy and stylish at any season. Check the gallery below to know how stunning this hairstyle.

Curly Hair

Brown hairstyle for curly hair will look more edgy with highlight. Moreover, having curly hair does not mean you cannot be more beautiful with your hairstyle. You can even be impressive with this brown curly hairstyle with highlights. Besides, to make your whole look perfect, you can have a natural makeup look with brown eyeshadow and pinkish lipstick.

Curly hairstyle with brown highlights makes you more stunning to go hang out
Glowing curly dark brown hairstyle that you must try to make you impressive
Light brown highlight for curly hair is recommended for you to get a festive look
Pretty curly hairstyle with highlight that looks interesting with dark brown for a better look
Cool dark brown curly hair with brown highlight makes you look beautiful and confident

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Straight Hair

Straigh hair is one of the easiest hair type to deal with. Especially for those whose hair color is brown, you can give highlights touch to make it more stunning. In addition, this hairstyle fits you well for both casual and formal events. For example, you can have this hairstyle to go day outs in summer or look simple in a night party.

Amazing dark brown straight hair with highlight that you can copy for a stunning look
Mid-long straight hair combined with dark brown and highlight looks beautiful
Dark brown straight hair that looks beautiful for your night or day outs
Dark brown straight hair with highlights gets you more trendy and fabulous
Lovely dark brown straight hair with beautiful highlight

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Short Hair

If some people think that having short hair is impossible to look perfect, they are in a wrong opinion. These brown highlight hairstyle examples will prove it. In contrast, some women prefer to have short hair to get simpler treatment. Also, they think they can save more time to deal with shorter hair because they are busy. Thus, this brown highlight hairstyle is the best choice to have as it gives you both practical and stunning look.

Short straight dark brown hairstyle with highlights are pretty for you
Short hairstyle in dark brown highlight get you casual and fresh look
Amazing dark brown hair with highlights cutting short that make you look fresh and trendy
Bumpy dark brown hairstyle with highlights for awesome and pretty look
Dark brown highlights perfectly makes you pretty and impressive.

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Long Hair

The last but not least, brown highlight hairstyle is suitable for those whose hair is long. It gives a frminine and stylish look that will impress everyone who sees you. Make your long hair wavy to get a more perfect look with your highlight. And, you are ready for a day or night out.

Long hair in brown and highlights are pretty for a summer hang out
Wavy long brown hair with highlights are incredible hairstyle that you can try this hairstyle for every moment
Long brown hairstyle with highlights is an amazing idea for a trendy look
Wavy long dark brown hair with highlights gets you more awesome

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Curly long hair in dark brown and highlights makes you look pretty and stylish
Cute dark long brown hair with highlights is stunning for a casual look

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Finally, we hope you get inspired by reading this article and find the best brown highlight hairstyle. You know, you hairstyle may represent who you are. Thus, get it more impressive with the right hairstyle. Be stylish!

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