23 Cool Christmas Nails Art Design That You Must Try

Women have used nail art to make their appearance more optimal. Not much different from its function with fashion, nail art can also make your style more stylish. Now there are so many choices of nail polish that you can choose. You can adjust the nail art design to the event that you want to attend. One of them is Christmas-themed nail art. So, for those of you who will celebrate Christmas, you should try to decorate your nails with this one theme.

Nails with colorful decorations can give yourself a feeling of pleasure and of course make you become more confident when leaving the house. Now you can do your own decor without needing to go to the beauty salon. You can decorate your nails with red and silver nail polish. Then you can draw your nails with Christmas-themed icons such as snow and snowman dolls. And of course, this nail art makes your appearance look cute.

A Christmas nail art design with blue color and polka dot and snowman pattern
A green nail art design with Christmas tree motif
Colorful nail art design with ribbon shape look like in the Christmas gift box.
Red vibe nail art design with snowman and Santa Claus motif.
Sparkling blue Christmas nail art design with snowflake motif.
A light blue Christmas nail art design with some kind motifs such as snowflake, snowman and flower.
A sparkling red and green nail art design with a touch of pearl and ribbon motif
To get festive look in your nail art, you can apply shine red color and give snowflake accent.
A beautiful Christmas nail art design with sparkling color that consist of red, black and white colors
You can get glamour look in your appearance by using shine red and silver colors nail art. Add red ribbon motif to complete the look.
A sparkling Christmas nail art design with red, green and white colors to get stunning look.

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A mountain nail shape with snowflake motif on white and silver color gradation.
A mixture of several arts put together in your fingers can make it look more festive and give a unique impression.
A red and white colors combined with a touch of art that are easy enough to do. You can give snowflake motif to make it looks more beautiful.
The nail design with a combination of milky white and pink that looks cute and interesting. Adding of trinkets and engraving are worth to try.
Full red blush with a touch of diamond that makes it look charming for your nails.
A mix of red, white, and transparent with the addition of Mickey images that look cool on your nails.
The dominance of the red heart with a touch of distinctive Christmas art that are make your nails look cool.

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The mate purple Christmas nail art design with white snowflake and deer motif are really cute design.
This navy blue and silver snow motif nail art design can be the one you should try.
Christmas snow nail art design on the red color can make your day more awesome.
The candy cane motif nail art on the mint color are a good way to make a cute look in your nails.

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Santa-themed nail art will look adorable, simpler and easier to make. What you need to do is paint your nails with a muted base color like nude chocolate. Make a Santa Claus hat pattern or Santa suit with red and white nail polish. To make it more eye-catching, you can also modify it using glitter nail polish. Or you can just buy clear nail polish with beads decoration inside. Then paint your nails using the nail polish.

On Christmas, you must complete your appearance by trying to style with Christmas-themed nail art. As we know, Christmas is synonymous with red, sparkling, fir, gift, Santa and many more. Hopefully, this post can provide a creative idea about Christmas-themed nails.

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