30 Winter Outfit Ideas with Over The Knee Boots That Trending in 2019

When it comes to winter, over the knee boots will be the best foot wear for you. Especially when you love to wear short clothing then the boots is obviously the best pairing. It is because when you wear short skirt or pants, over the knee boots can really help you to protect your legs. Therefore, your legs can keep warm and comfortable even when the temperature is cold.

Moreover, this over the knee boots will also proper for other different bottom wear. For example, if you want to wear legging or jeans then the over the knee will always fit you. Anyway, it may only fit for the clothing with body cone style. In otherwise, if you wear the wide leg trousers, then this boots might won’t fit as it won’t be exposed. Wear the tight long trousers or legging only for the over the knee boots.

This black suede over the knee boots looks really harmonious with the outfit. It is because the top wear is in black color and the coat is grey which is really match.
With the asymmetry form of the back side in this boot, you’ll definitely looks anti mainstream. In hence, you can were the simple neutral outfit to match the boots.
White knitted sweater paired with the white vest will also match well with the black suede over the knee boots. Since white is also the neutral color, then to combine it with black boots will always proper.
In case you love to wear high heels, then you can still have it in winter. It is because there are so many choices of high heel boots that you can wear in winter.
Turtleneck top seems to be the best comfortable outfit that you can combine with the over the knee boots. Then, you can layer it with black jacket to add the warmth.
To create the casual look, you can pair your black over the knee boots with the leather jacket. Moreover, you will be surely cool and casual with this look.
This brown suede boots can fit really well with the brown shawl. Even though those two has the different brown shade but it still match well.
The focal point in this look is the unfinished touch in the layering clothes. Look at how gorgeous the combination between the over the knee boots with the unfinished style.
This black and white fur jacket looks really harmonious with the black suede boots. Especially the ripped jeans that give the chill impression.

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This look is really awesome. Even for the coat is really festive! Then the addition of the string along the over the knee boots makes it beyond gorgeous.
Your beige long coat looks awesome combined with grey top wear and leather trousers. Then, your suede over the knee boots can guarantee you warm feeling.

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This turtleneck sweater dress seems really pretty and warm. It will be more warm when you combine it with over the knee boots. Choose the one with heels so that you can get the chic look.
This blue suede over the knee boots mix well with the blue coat. Even more, dark blue turtleneck sweater dress makes you perfect.
Here, the blue suede over the knee boots can also combined with the grey sweater. Then, add it with black coat for more warm feeling.

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Even though the leather boots here doesn’t look sleek, but it still has the glorious impression and unique at the same time. Then, combine your black boots with red long coat will be really pretty.
Since black color can match with any other color, then this look will also proper. The green coat with unique buttons application seems really gorgeous.
Since you have facilitate your self with the warm turtleneck sweater and wool coat, then this mini dress will proper for you. Then, to make sure that your leg warm, wear the suede over the knee boots.
This time, the short dress is in well material so that it will be warm. Then, before the boots, you can apply the stocking first to add the warmth.
The leather shorts can be proper to be your winter outfit. Here, just simply combine it with the long coat and over the knee boots.
The combination of grey and black color in this outfit is really great. The tight leather trousers will give you the stand out touch with its shining effect.
Even when the temperature is cold, but you can still wear the shorts as long as you wear the warm coat. Then the over the knee boots will be your hero to keep you warm.
This all black outfit looks really glorious and elegant. Moreover, the combination of the materials used from top to toe make this look even more luxurious.
It is amazing how the leather boots can looks really awesome with the warm fur dress. Then, to make this look even more gorgeous you can add it with the black leather hand bag.
The focal point in this over the knee boots is on the string applied into the back side of your boots. Here, the light grey top looks harmonious with the beige boots.
It is no wonder if black color can match well with the red color. Then here, the plaid jacket looks really awesome with the black boots.

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For your stand out look, you can match your animal print coat with burgundy over the knee boots. Then, the ripped jeans will add the cool impression for this look.
Even though the top wears are in brown color from the jacket and coat, but the light brown boots can still also worthy.

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This white fur jacket look really harmonious with the white over the knee boots. In hence, the top also has white color which is pretty and match well.

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This time, the suede over the knee boots matched with the grey sweater. Then, the black and white shawl will strengthen the neutral color scheme use.
The black suede jacket look really unique especially when paired with the suede boots. Although the colors are not in the same shade, but it still really worthy.

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In addition, to give you more warm feeling you might also need to focus with your layering clothes. Apply this when you wear the short bottom wear. Here, you should wear the long coat or those with thick materials. It is because the short bottom wear might will freezing you when the snow is falling. Anyway, you don’t need to worry because the shorts will always be ok! as long as the snow is not falling.

For the materials of the over the knee boots are also in varied. Here you can choose to have it in leather, suede, or those with extra fur inside. In choosing the material, you can adjust it based on the temperature at the moment. When the snow is falling, it will be better for you to choose the water resist boots material or those with fur inside.

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