20 Stunning Outfit Ideas for Winter Hiking This Year

Although the weather will be cold and the snow is falling, it doesn’t mean that you can’t go anywhere in winter. Here, you can still do your daily activities just like what you do when the weather is warm. Anyway, there are some things that you should prepare related with the outfit. It is important to make sure that you keep warm and comfortable. Basically you can do it by wearing several kinds of outfit. But, the most important will be the coat and footwear.


Coat as your top off outfit will be focal point of your outdoor activity during winter. Obviously you should make difference between each season coat. In hence, the winter coat might will be the most thick and warm coat that you should have. Here are some references that we serve in case you are confused in choosing the right coat this winter.

Red long coat which is proper for your winter outdoor activities. Here, the material might not too warm, but the size make it proper.
Due to the warm coat need, this one is quite worthy. It is because of the wool material that this coat has. However, better for you not to wear it when the snow is falling.
This one has the green color but in different shade where it is more brighter and neon. To make it even more stand out, you can wear the bright shoes color too.
Because of the use as the layer after the knitting sweater, then this coat is absolutely proper for your winter coat.
Beside for its thicker material, this coat is also great with the long and oversize style.
For the casual look, you can choose to have this coat design. Because of the neutral color and warm material, you can really have it for your winter coat.
Look at the fur material that this coat has. With extra warm that this coat serve, you can make it as your best choice this winter.
This blue coat looks really harmonious with the brighter blue shade inner. This coat can have its best look by combining it with the white trousers.
Without any doubt, this long coat is really worthy. It is not only for the size but also the material.
The red plaid shawl really fit with this red coat. You can completely able to keep your body warm with these two combination.

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Winter Shoes

Next, the other most important thing that you should consider when talking about winter outfit is the winter shoes. It is because beside your body, your feet will be the next part that could be cold easier. Moreover, you will be really uncomfortable when your feet are freezing. Basically there are some different styles that you could adapt, just like the following examples.

Look at the boots material above. It is absolutely proper to wear in winter, even more when the snow is falling. Here, to wear the socks will effectively warmer your feet.
The beige color with the suede material in this boot is really awesome. Then, the additional string on the back side of the boots will really beautify this boots.
Even for the boots also have the heels style. With the zip and the unique backside form, this high heel boots is really gorgeous.
Red suede over the knee boots seems really proper to wear for your winter outwear. Here the zip not only functioned to make you easier in wearing it but also for the accessory.
This boots looks really stand out with the buttons. It even more extraordinary as it applied along the boots length.
With the tight rope used in this boots, you can get a really awesome look for this boots. It even more prettier with the silver hook.
This pink nude boots has its luxurious look with the ring shape accessories added into the knee part of the heels.
For a really fashionable look, you can have this black boots with tassel which is really stand out.
The classic look that this ankle boots is really awesome. Even though it is only in ankle boots style, but it still proper to wear in winter because of the material.
The bottom part of this boots has water proof material which is proper to wear while walking in snow. Then, the upper part has a really warm material to keep your feet warm.

image source

At last, what you should know well when choosing your winter outfit is for the comfort first. Here, the comfort is closely related with the warm feeling that the outfit could bring to you. After that, when the comfort has fulfilled, then you can move to the fashion. Since there are so many winter shoes designs available, then there must be so many pretty yet comfortable winter shoes that you can choose.

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