20 Pretty Boho Dresses for Your Winter Outfit

In case you are an aesthetic person, then to have the Boho style is really worthy. It is because Boho can always able to give you such an adorable and anti mainstream pattern, texture, and clothing cut. Those things commonly do not have by the other styles. For you who love simplicity might won’t fit with this style. But, if you love to look stand out, then it is more than worthy. Let’s check out some Boho dresses that you can have this winter.

Long Boho Dress

Although long dresses won’t fail you to wear in winter, but there are still things for you to consider. The first one will be the sleeve where we do really recommend you to wear it with long sleeve style. However, if having the long sleeve seems too much for you, then at least you don’t have it in sleeveless style. The following pictures will show you the dresses cut and style. Even more, you can combine it with the long trousers.

The brown and red color combination for this Boho long dress is really warm. It is because of the colors impression that bring out warm feeling.
This dress might not have the long sleeve, but this one has the fur layer to keep the body warm.

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Without any doubt, this long dress has a luxurious look. Moreover, it is also warm since it has the long sleeve style.
Beside for the dress itself that has the beads, this dress even more awesome with the oversized layering coat. Look at the pattern that really aesthetic and cool.
The long dress has the symmetrical cut to give the unique look. Then, to make your body warm, you can add long trousers so that your leg stay warm.
This blue dress looks pretty with the slit in the centre of the front part dress. Not to make the feet cold, you can wear boots as the foot wear.

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This long dress Boho might too simple with the color and the patter, but the belt is really stand out and proper to wear in winter.

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For the colourful and stand out dress, this one will be the right choice for you. Here, with its pattern and color, you can have a really pretty and cheerful impression.
The color of this dress has the dark grey basic color. Then the floral pattern is the way this dress creates its prettiness.
The pattern in this dress is really unique and aesthetic. With the ankle boots as the footwear, this dress can absolutely warm and proper for your winter outfit.

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Short Boho Dress

There are some women who still want to wear the short dress even though the weather is cold. Basically that will be really ok! as long as you can complete your look with other accessories. Here, you must provide the ones that could help you to keep your body warm. For your consideration, you can wear your short Boho dresses by pair it with boots. Check out the following examples.

This time, the Boho touch placed in the bottom part of the dress that added with the lace. As the Boho dress, this one is quite simple but still worthy for you who love simplicity.
Even though in white color, this dress is still awesome. It is because the combination between white and black colors are really awesome.
Small pom pom that applied into this short dress really effective to create the cute and chic look. Don’t forget to combine it with boots and prepare your layering clothes so that you won’t get cold.
This white Boho dress has beads for its lace to beautify the dress. Moreover, the black ribbon tied really effective to create the other beauty.
Related to the stand out dress, you can have it as your choice. Anyway, you can look at the pattern which is in small shape and applied here and there to perfecting the stand out dress.
Although only has one single color, it is still pretty with the texture pattern. It has floral pattern which is pretty.

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In hence, for a really simple Boho dress, this one could be the best choice. Here, the decoration is only in the bottom part of the dress. However, it is worthy to wear in winter with its long sleeve style.
Obviously this short Boho dress won’t give you warm in winter, but it still proper with boots and blanket that you can use to protect your body.
In case you love colourful things, this dress could fit you. Look at the different colors used and the pattern which are awesome.

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Due to your needs in having the warm outfit, you can adapt this style. Here, the dress combined with suede jacket and boots.

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Basically, whether the long or short you can have both as long as you know exactly the capacity of your body. Moreover, you might can adjust it with the temperature at the moment. When the snow is falling, we do advice you to wear the boots. Even when you wear your long dresses, you can still wear your boots and looks fashionable. Although your boots might won’t be exposed well when you wear the long dress but it still really worthy.

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