22 Inspiring Casual Winter Outfit Ideas For Career Women

In case winter will be here soon, then you need to consider some things that can accommodate your needs in fashion. As a career woman, to have your best performance is a must. It is because your look will be one of the aspects that shows your professionalism. In hence, to really get your best outfits, the things below can be your consideration. However, don’t forget to adjust the following ideas based on your needs.

High Heels

High heels is obviously the thing that you should have when you are a career woman. In winter, you can still wear it if you think that you can still handle the weather. There are some high heels styles that you can choose for your gorgeous office look. You can pair it with the outfit that can protect your body from the cold weather.

White high heels combined with black and white outfit. This style is suitable for your casual office look.
Warm beige high heels combined with black trousers and light grey blouse. The combination of those three things are really harmonious.

Red high heels to complete the green tea dress with slit. The dress has the long sleeve style to keep you warn in winter.
This one is another neutral outfit color that paired with ivory high heels. You will obviously look calm and brave at the same time.

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Pointed black high heels for your classic office look. The black blazer and skirt will strengthen your classic look.
Such a unique black high heels with pad on it. The pad is the vocal point of this heels that will be different from the common heels.
Leopard high heels can be your choice if you like to have the anti mainstream look. Make sure that you don’t wear too crowded outfit not to make it looks too much.

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Beside for the high heels, blazer is also one of the basic outfit that you should have as a career woman. Especially in winter, where you should add layer to your outfit, blazer will be really proper. It is because the blazer won’t only utilize to beautify your look but also to keep your body warm.

Grey blazer paired with grey pants to make it really looks harmonious. The white sneakers bring out the casual look that match well with the white inner clothing.
Chic pink blazer paired with pink turtle neck inner for your soft yet pretty look. The plaid skirt is perfect for your pink plain top wear.
Blue blazer with vertical striped pattern not to make it looks too plain. The combination between the blue and white color in this outfit is really fresh.
This grey blazer paired with the same trousers color is really harmonious. For you who love the modern look, this one is perfect.
This grey blazer designed with gold buttons in really luxurious. You can choose this blazer style if you want to have the elegant look.
Grey is always perfect to be combined with white. This whole look is really fashionable and casual. Moreover, you will a really easy movement with this look.

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This time the blazer combined with skirt which is also really fashionable. The blazer has plaid pattern and designed in grey color for a modern career woman.
Black blazer for your fierce look that paired with another black bottom wear. You can wear red foot wear to add the elegant look of this style.

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Long Pants

In winter, it will be best if you wear pants for your office look. It is because the pants will absolutely protect your leg from the cold weather. There are some pants that suitable for your office look as follows. The pants will also consist of casual and feminine looks to really cover your variation of outfit needs.

Green plaid pants will be proper to be combined with black color. You will look modern yet fresh because of the green color.
For you who love the casual look, this pants can be your choice. The unfinished cut in this pants is really cool and casual.
The plaid pattern in this pants is designed in not too bold color. It is quite worthy to have if you want the calm yet modern look.

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Black and white plaid patterned pants is really modern. You can wear it if you are already bored with your common plain outfit.
Red color will never fail you to have the brave and fierce yet passionate impression. To calm down the color, simply combine it with the neutral colors.
This pants has small pattern detail. It’s like the plaid pattern but in a small one which is really modern.
Black as the basic pants color for the office look will always proper. The cape blazer for the top wear is perfectly top off your look.

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After all of the explanation and references above, now you can have the consideration in choosing your outfit. Basically you can have any kind of styles for your winter office look, as long as you can manage the outfit to be comfortable. What is mean with comfort in winter is on how your body can keep warm in the cold weather. Moreover, whether it is casual of feminine you can always have it just simply adjust it with your personal taste.

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